Astronauts to taste cookies baked in space

Astronauts will soon be able to taste freshly baked cookies even while staying in the space station.  DoubleTree by Hilton, a hotel chain has planned to produce cookies in space and it will be produced in an orbiting laboratory. DoubeTree published a statement which said, "Just as Hilton has been a pioneer of hospitality for the past 100 years, this partnership and the use of the DoubleTree Cookie – our ultimate symbol of hospitality – will propel the future of space travel and inspire the next generation of travellers". The cookies will be baked in space with the help of a special small electric oven designed for zero gravity built by NanoRacks, which is an organisation that offers research facilities on the lab situated on the International Space Station. The oven will be supplied by Zero G Kitchen which is a platform for food development in space. The launch of this Zero G space oven was announced by Zero G and NanoRacks in November 2018. Earlier astronauts in space stations have grown plants and brewed espresso but this is for the first time that a food item will be baked in space. The next delivery of supplies to the International Space Station will contain special chocolate chip cookie dough and the Zero G Oven, and the lift-off schedule will be announced soon. 

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