Bengaluru scientist makes a breakthrough in treating cancer

Cancer is a major threat to human health in today’s date where the number of people dying every year due to cancer has reached an alarming rate of 163 per 100,000 men and women. This has thus warned the generation that immediate solutions must be churned out to this massive life threatening disease. The scientists across the world are thus looking for a healthy solution to spurn out cancer cells from the body without causing much harm. 

The anti-cancer kit created by a Bangaluru based scientist has received huge appreciation across the country and has even been approved as a massive breakthrough by the US Food and Drug Administration’s (USFDA) Centre for Device and Radiological Health. Rajah Vijay Kumar, the brain behind the conceptualization of the device is the Chairman of Organization De Scalene, an innovative technology company. Kumar has given thirty years of his life in building the anti cancer kit and making it a successful device in healing protein linked diseases like breast, liver and pancreatic cancer.

Rajah Vijay Kumar is an experienced researcher in Bio-physics, nanotechnology and sustainable energy. The anti cancer kit invented by him is named Cytotron as it helps to stop the spreading of the cancer cells to other parts of the body through genetic engineering. “It has been a while since an anti cancer tool this effective has been released in the market. The condition of cancer healing drugs in the market has been on the downward slide since a long time, since every attempt made by scientists has gone futile. It is after a long time that an attempt to cure cancer has been approved by the USFDA, which is responsible for pre-market approval of all medical devices in the US.” Says a communique from the FDA wing.

“It is a great feeling to know that my hard work of 30 years has finally paid off. An institution like USFDA is designating our work as a breakthrough. It indeed is news of tremendous pleasure.” Says Kumar. This is not only a happy moment for the researchers and scientists, but also for the cancer patients across the globe who have found a new hope for life.

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