Child Prodigy: Laurent Simons

Gifted children or child prodigies are not uncommon, there are children who are gifted and their talent sure finds a way to be showcased in front of the world. At ages when some of us don’t even know how to tie a shoe properly there are children who are graduating. Fascinating! Isn’t it? Amsterdam’s Laurent Smith is a 9-year-old wonder kid who is all set to be a graduate soon. Currently, he is on course to attain a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The little genius has already sorted out his plans after graduation. Laurent will complete the bachelor’s degree next month and has plans of enrolling for a Ph.D. program. According to his parents Lydia and Alexander Simons, Laurent’s talents were discovered by his grandparents and teachers, Laurent’s father Alexander says,“They noticed something very special about Laurent. The absorption of information is no problem for Laurent.”

Laurent has an IQ of at least 146; his favorite subject is electrical engineering and he also plans to study a bit of medicine. Laurent wants to go to California for his further studies, but his parents have kept Oxford and Cambridge into consideration as according to them these institutions would be more convenient for them.Laurent completed his high school studies within 18 months at the age 8-years only and completing his graduation in 10 months. He is no doubt extraordinary but is only a child, hence his parents want to find a balance. They do not want him to get too serious. They said that he does whatever he likes and they need to find a balance between his talents and being a child. Till now, Michael Kearney held the world record of being the youngest graduate. He graduated at the age of 10 from the University of Alabama, but next month that title will be taken away from him as Laurent will acquire that position after he graduates.  

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