Confusion Erupts at Pak Airlines

To travel long distances in minimum time and a hassle-free journey added with that, flights have been a saving grace for many people. However, dangers have been almost equal to other transport, but when passengers start a panic there’s no hiding from it. Ironically indeed, a woman on PK-702 flight under Pakistan International Airlines accidentally opened the emergency door raising panic throughout the floor.

The woman triggered confusion among all plane staffs as well as the passengers by opening the emergency door thinking it to be the washroom door and reported her mistake to aircraft crew while the plane was still on the runway at the Manchester Airport in UK. As a result, the flight was delayed for several hours as the aircrafts air chute bag opened as passengers feared of a crisis at hand and as standard procedures go, nearly 40 passengers along with their luggage’s were offloaded and were later provided with transportation and hotel accommodation.

This was not the sole incident where a passenger managed to open an emergency door. Similar incident happened last year when a Chinese man travelling from Hainan to Sichuan opened the emergency door due to feeling a bit claustrophobic and wanting some fresh air, for which 25 years old Chen was fined with $11,000. In another incident that took place in Spain, a passenger managed to climb out of the window and got on top of a wing while the flight was getting ready for departure.

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