Devoted Son Pulls the Chain for His Mother

In ancient times, Shravan Kumar carried his parents on his shoulder in a basket and took them on their pilgrimage. In modern times also, there are sons like Shravan Kumar but their style of devotion and expressing love is a bit different, some even go to the extreme of pulling the chain of a train. Manish Arora, a resident of Delhi traveling in the New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express pulled the chain of the train at the Mathura Junction so that his mother could finish her breakfast. Arora and his mother were supposed to get down at Mathura when they were served the breakfast, but Manish decided to pull the chain and make it halt for extra minutes before they got down”. For his Manish got booked under section 141 of the railway's act and was later released on bail, the non-payment of in penalty can lead him to imprisonment as per the officer. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) said, 

“The passengers were traveling in the C-8 coach and had to get down at Mathura. They were served breakfast in Delhi, but Manish’s mother could not finish her meal in time the train arrived at Mathura Junction. So, he decided to pull the chain to let her finish her breakfast. The train halt to halt for extra minutes before they eventually got off.”

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