Diamond Created Under Life’s Pressure

Since our childhood we have learned that “Diamonds are created under pressure”, and this statement has been proved to be true every time. Kerala’s Kollam District’s new collector is one such diamond who fought the against all the pressure and struggles life threw at him to come out at the top. IAS officer Abdul Nasar after the death of his father at the age 5years was sent off to an orphanage where he was raised till the age of 17 years. He was inspired by the sub-collector of Thalassery when he came to visit the orphanage, where Naser was being raised. Naser was the youngest of the six children his parents had. After the death of his father his mother, Manjumma struggled a lot to raise them. As a result, he was sent to the orphanage. When he was in upper primary school the sub-collector Amitabh Kant visited his school, who sparked a fire in Naser and since that day he dreamt of becoming a collector. He pursued graduation, masters, and B.Ed. but after that, he could not proceed for higher studies as the whole family depended on him. In order to support his family, Naser joined the government service as a health inspector in the Kerala Health Department. After working for a year, he joined a school in his village as an upper primary teacher but returned to the health service again. Naser never stopped dreaming and he went to pursue his dream of becoming a Collector. He took leave from his service to prepare for the civil service exams. He received great support from his wife. In 2005 his hard work paid off and he was appointed as the Deputy Collector. in 2015 he was recognized as the best Deputy Collector in the State. In October 2017 Naser was conferred IAS status. His dream finally materialized when he became the Collector of Kollam district earlier this week.


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