Draft Asking for Ban on Junk Foods in Schools

Diabetes, obesity, cardiological problems, wherever you look people are suffering from one or the other disorder and disease. The consumption of junk foods has increased the rate of ailments among people, especially in children. At a young they are becoming obese and diabetic. Junk foods have an adverse effect on the health of children. In a way of tackling the problem of junk food, the food regulator FSSAI proposed a complete ban on the sale of potato wafers, soft drinks and other junk foods in school canteens and within 50 meters of school campus along with their advertisements. FSSAI also released a draft regulation under the title 'Food Safety and Standards (Safe Food and healthy diets for School Children) Regulations, 2019'. It said,

"Foods which are referred to as foods high in fat, salt, and sugar (HFSS) cannot be sold to school children in school canteens or mess premises or hostel kitchens or within 50 meters of the school campus,"Advertising of HFSS by food business operators or FBOs would be banned within school premises or 50 meters of the campus. The school campus should also promote healthy eating and focus on safe and healthy food. The draft further said, "FBOs to support healthy eating in schools and not market, sell, or give away low- nutrition foods anywhere on the school campus, including through logos, brand names, posters, textbook covers, etc,"

Kids are like wet cement anything can make an impression on them. So, if they are taught the right eating habits at an early age, the idea can be easily engrained in them. FSSAI has already started to sought comments from stakeholders and once the comments are considered and finalized the regulations will be ready for implementation. 


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