Edinburgh court rules out UK PM’s suspension of parliament

A Scottish Court has recently ruled out UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's move to suspend Parliament less than two months before Britain is due to leave the European Union unlawful. The court, however, did not order the suspension to be overturned. The judges have expressed that the British Supreme Court must make the final decision soon. Johnson has claimed that he had taken this action to start afresh on his domestic agenda at a new session of Parliament. But the opposition party argues that PM Johnson is simply trying to run away from parliamentary scrutiny. Jolyon Maugham, a lawyer who was part of the hearing said, "We believe that the effect of the decision is that Parliament is no longer prorogued. I have never been able to contemplate the possibility that the law could be that our sovereign Parliament might be treated as an inconvenience by the prime minister". The supreme court’s hearing will decide whether Boris Johnson’s act was lawful in advising the Queen to adjourn Parliament and as many as 70 lawyers will challenge the PM’s move in this regard.

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