Expensive Error in the Pockets of Australians

On Thursday, Central Bank of Australia admitted to typo-error on $50 notes, released on October last year. The error was so massive, that it became irreversible and is now being used by the Australian citizens. 46 million $50 notes are already circulated with the typo-error, as the A$50 currency is considered to be the most widely circulated currency in Australia. $50 currency new notes in Australia, includes the microprint of the speech by first Australian female parliamentarian Edith Cowan, as she served in the Australian legislature from 1921-1924. The historic speech where she states that how she honors the responsibility given to her as a parliamentarian for the first time amidst struggles of equality, and how if men and women both play their part to contribute to the world in general, together they can achieve more than they have ever been. However, the new notes had the speech by Edith Cowan with the silly error of a spelling mistake in the term ‘responsibility’ with the letter ‘I’ missing in it. The new notes were implemented with the aim to prevent counterfeiting, and the speech by Edith Cowan is barely visible to the naked eye. According to reports, due to being almost negligible, Reserve Bank of Australia seems in no hurry to alter the error in their long-lasting polymer notes anytime soon, though it will be corrected in the next print.

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