Experiential Learning from session 2019-20 for CBSE students

The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to introduce Experiential Learning from the session 2019-20 onwards. Implementing this form of learning will bring about a lot of changes in the study and teaching patterns. In order to introduce this, the schools have been instructed to plan out the curricular activities well in advance and in such a way which will help the students to connect to the content they are learning and which will help them to relate it with their own lives and the world around them. NCERT will develop the learning outcomes which will help the teachers in their teaching-learning in the manner they desire. The board has decided to include and give equal importance to health and physical education along with academics to promote life skills and value education. Every school will have to provide one period per day for sports under the new system which will help the students in better stress management and also create a better environment for learning. The NCERT through its Adolescence Education Programme will be trying to inculcate the basic life skills in the students who are at a crucial stage of their lives. From the new session, NCF (National Curriculum Framework) will also emphasize on the need to provide guidance and counseling by trained professionals for the students and their parents for meeting academic and social pressures. The teachers have been strictly advised not to label children as 'slow learners' or 'bright students' or 'problem children' and to treat them equally irrespective of their performances. 

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