Facebook to stop advertisers from changing headlines

Facebook has recently reported that it is going to bring some changes to prevent advertisers from changing headlines of news stories. This decision has been taken following a British political party's concerns related to altering of one such article’s headline.  Facebook in response to an AFP inquiry, said, "We are working to put safeguards in place by the end of the year to ensure publishers have control over the way their headlines appear in advertisements".  The issue popped up after a BBC news article’s headline about British government spending on education was altered to change the tone of the article. Full Fact, a British fact-checking organization posted online, “A recent Conservative Party Facebook add seems to have altered the headline of a BBC News article on an education spending announcement to make the government appear more generous than it is being". Full fact suggested that the headline was misleading. Facebook and other social sites are currently taking strict measures in order to stop social manipulation, especially regarding political issues and this happens to be one of them.

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