IIT-Madras doors to its CFI for the public

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, recently opened the door to its Centre For Innovation (CFI) for the public during CFI Open House 2019, which was held on November 2,2019. Participating students showcased some highly advanced technologies and innovations ranging from rovers, drones, e-bikes for better mobility, a 3D food printer and a text-to-braille converter.

The Centre For Innovation (CFI) is a student-run lab that remains open 24X7. It was established in 2008 with a vision to encourage engineers to apply knowledge from their academic pursuits to ‘innovate’ and propose solutions to real-world problems.The CFI Open House is an annual event laying out recent works and achievements of the students, as well as providing an opportunity for their projects to be displayed on a large scale, leading to implementation. 

Among the various projects that were showcased, the most interesting were Team Anveshak’s all-terrain rover and Team Raftaar’s formula racing car.“This year, we were placed 12th in the University Rover Challenge held in Utah and we’re working on refining the rover we’ve built over the next one year,” said Mohit Kumar, a member of Team Anveshak.

Team Sahaay proudly flaunted a menstrual waste management system where a portable dustbin comes equipped to wrap used sanitary napkins in bio-degradable plastic which can then be taken to incinerators. An Aero Club team showcased a smart ‘agricopter’, that can optimise energy, time and efficiency to help farmers, survey and spray their fields.“Several innovations from the centre have been accepted and applauded by government agencies and private industries for their potential to improve lives,” said Akash Anandan, the student executive head of CFI. 

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