ISRO Working On Reusable Launch Technology

ISRO is currently working on reusable launch technology in a bid to cut the cost of satellite launchers. In this way, the first and the second stages of a rocket could be used multiple times and ISRO is taking the initiative to conduct an advanced version of reusable launch technology (RLV) test in June-July.

The recovering of the first two stages would also help in carrying heavier payloads. However, even if the first stage is relatively easy, the second stage is not simple. And hence, the focus is now on developing a winged body like a space shuttle which would be attached to the rocket in the second stage.

The first demonstration test of India’s winged body vehicle was conducted by ISRO, on May 23, 2016. Upon reaching a height of 70 km, the RLV was maneuvered back to earth where it glided down the Indian Ocean and disintegrated. The June-July test would involve a helicopter taking the shuttle to a considerable height from where the winged body would be dropped.

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