Kolkata takes part in Zoohackathon

A new participation by Kolkata hails a team of young enthusiastic tech savvy students of Kolkata. The annual challenge of Zoohackathon was held every year by various cities across the globe, New Delhi being the first Indian city to host it. It involved 16 teams of students of prestigious institutes showing tech-based solutions to stop wildlife trafficking. 

Kolkata is the first city in East India to host an event as such. The Zoohackathon would last for two days which started on this Saturday.” This competition is a healthy marathon for the brain to transmit positivity and safeguard our wildlife”, says one of the judges from the panel of judges present during the challenge. The teams would consist of two to six members and would compete against each other by presenting a project to the panel of judges.

One of the wildlife experts highly appreciated this approach and the initiative taken by the students of Kolkata. “We hope that more and more cities take participation in this challenge, so that we can spread awareness about wildlife safety and help detect traffickers”, he said.

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