Lewis Pugh: first person to swim under the Antarctic ice sheet

In winter days go by without bathing or taking a shower because even the thought of water runs a chill down our body. But there are people for whom passion and the zeal to make a difference conquers all hesitations. 50-year-old swimmer Lewis Pugh proves that if you are truly passionate about something then there is nothing that can stop you. Pugh, a swimmer hailing from Britain became the first person to swim under an ice sheet in Antarctica. Pugh swam beneath the world’s largest glacier in the Antarctic river and that too wearing nothing but swimming trunks, a cap and goggles. The water temperature was just a few degrees above zero and Pugh stayed in the water swimming for about 8 minutes.


The goal behind this extraordinary is a very noble one, Pugh did this to raise awareness on climate change. During his tryst, Pugh witnessed different hues of blue ranging from the lightest to the darkest. He faced a dangerous situation when the water started emptying through a crack, meaning the water was reaching the sea with Pugh in it; fortunately, it was the ice shifting and he came out of safely. Pugh has further plans of swimming across an entire supra-glacial lake the next time.

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