More Greens to Fight Climate Change

Climate Change has been one of the fearing factors in recent times, when the world is gradually walking towards a bitter tomorrow for all living forms in every passing day. As human civilization comes to term with the progress and its effects on the environment and tries to restore balance to changes occurring in present times, every country in the world has taken several steps towards countering global warming and climate change.

United Kingdom has taken a commendable step to ‘Go Green’, by planning to plant more than 130,000 trees all across England, mostly in English towns and cities in the coming 2 years with the purpose to counter climate change across the globe. Urban Tree Challenge Fund has been granted to individuals, local Governments, Non-Governmental Organisations and charities for them to be able to very easily take up the challenge to help plant one or multiple trees and the fund provided will help pay for the first 3 years provided proper care taken, administrated by the Forestry Commission. This initiative is part of the UK Government’s pledge to plant one million trees by 2022 to curb the situation befalling due to climatic changes happening all over the planet. The plan however, only focuses on planting trees that can absorb sounds, reduce the risk of flooding, and improve mental health and well-being; in short plantation of urban trees. Admission procedure are to begin next week and the Forestry Commission will administrate the applications. As part of the ‘Year of Green Action’ plan, to create legacy in contributing to environment’s well being in dire need, this plan has been criticised widely for not providing enough information which is, one concerning point, according to the current European Union Law. However, this plan still urges for a challenge, rather than an initiative, when the Earth has reached a point of concern.

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