New invention by IIT Madras

Wheelchairs, as we all know are the most important necessity of a differently able individual. However, this wheelchair may also seem like a prison chain to him, as one cannot perform any functions by himself in a wheelchair.  This is why, the researchers at IIT Madras have sympathized and empathized with the wheelchair users and invented a new form of wheelchair which can even support a standing posture, AKA, standing wheelchair.

The wheelchair was created by TTK Center for Rehabilitation Research and Device Development at IIT Madras, headed by Sujatha Srinivasan.  The launching of this product in the market was a little difficult in the initial stage, due to various reasons such as its unfamiliarity in the market and its high production cost. However, with the help of Wellcom, a research charity based in London, UK, the standing wheelchair was commercialized. 

However, in India, this product was launched just recently on 6th November, Tuesday at IIT Madras Research Park, in collaboration with Phoenix medical system. It is hoped to see much greater popularity of this standing wheelchair, which would help the differently able population to lead a normal life. 

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