One of a kind ‘Museum of Hangovers’

Drunk dialing, waking up with no memories of the previous night and massive hangover; many of us have been through these situations at least once in their lifetime. People have a hard time remembering what they did in their drunken state. Drunk stories are always funny and interesting but people often fail to piece things together. Now, an amazing remedy has come up for the ones who struggle to remember their drunken activities. A Croatian couple opened a one of a kind museum in Zagreb; the ‘Museum of Hangovers’. This museum will showcase objects and amusing stories from drunken escapades of people across the globe. The museum has been started by 24-year-old Roberta Mikelic along with her boyfriend Rino Dubokovic

They are just focusing on the side of the drunken escapades for now but Rino and Roberta have plans of exploring the dangers of binge drinking and blacking out. The tour of the museum starts from the ‘Street Room’, through the room of ‘Mirrors’, past a home’s ‘Garden’ to a ‘messy room’. The partier finishes the night at this ‘messy room’. Among many fun objects, there is a chalkboard there, where people are invited to complete the sentence “I woke up with…”. Telling about how the idea of this museum came into being, Rino shares that it struck during a conversation with a friend,"I thought, as I listened to him, why not set up a place, a museum, with a collection of these objects and stories that will illustrate in a funny way these evenings of drunkenness and the hangover the next day," he said.

The studio is slowly becoming a hit among the public especially the youths. The couple has plans of creating a “darkroom” where the visitors will get to explore the risks of drinking will be displayed. The process of getting entry into the museum is also through a fun activity. On arrival, the visitors are offered a glass of brandy and a chance to play darts with goggles on; not just any goggles! These specs simulate the effects of tipsiness and if they hit the bull's eye then they can enter for free, but till now everybody had to pay to enter. 

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