Recreating a Moment 15-years Apart

Steve Irwin, known popularly as ‘The Crocodile Hunter’, an environmentalist, passionate wildlife conservationist and engaging television personality, may have entertained us with his sheer charisma surrounding the wilds; Crocodile’s to be precise; but now his son Robert Clarence Irwin, is exactly walking on the same path. Recently, Robert Irwin prompted a lot of attraction with his moving photos of Robert feeding Murray the crocodile, with whom his father Steve had almost a similar photograph, 15 years ago

On Wednesday, on the 3rd of July, Robert posted a picture collage in his Instagram handle recreating a distant moment, where he and his father both were seen feeding separately the crocodile named Murray, 15 years apart. He captioned the picture as "Dad and me feeding Murray... same place, same croc - two photos 15 years apart". While both pictures were taken at the Australian Zoo; founded by Steve’s parents; they from different times. Steve Irwin has appeared in more than 20 television shows, documentaries, miniseries, for almost a decade, creating enthusiasm among audiences about wildlife and environment

Steve Irwin feeding Murray the crocodile was one of his popular pictures, taken in 2004. 15 years later, after his sudden demise in an accident while filming, his son Robert makes the world nostalgic with he now taking up the mantle and feeding Murray in the same place. Steve along with his wife Terri were both very much involved in the Australian Zoo, taking care of the wildlife as much as possible. Before his death he came into a controversy of taking his son Robert, one-month old son, out close to the crocodile Murray. But now it is evident that, both of their children, Robert and Bindi are walking on the path that their father and mother would have dreamt of, while their mother Terri continues to extend the Irwin family legacy for a greater cause. 

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