Roald Amundsen to cross the Artic on World’s First Battery Cruise Ship

Roald Amundsen, Norwegian voyager was the first who made a ship voyage through the Northwest Passage in 1903-1906 and was the first to reach the South Pole in 1911. In his reverence, the Norwegian government made world’s first cruise ship that partially runs on battery power. The world's first cruise ship propelled partially by battery power is set to head out from northern Norway on its maiden voyage, cruise operator Hurtigruten said on Monday.  Roald Amundsen is set to head out from northern Norway on its maiden voyage. This ship will travel to Arctic from tromsoe this week and will sail towards the North West passage to Alaska before moving towards south arriving Antarctica in October. This cruise ship can travel with 500 passengers at a time and it’s one of the special features is that it is modeled in a specific way so that it can survive in harsh climate waters. While the engines run mainly on marine gasoil, the ship's battery pack enables it to run solely on batteries for around 45 to 60 minutes under ideal conditions, Hurtigruten Chief Executive Daniel Skjeldam told Reuters.. Not only the model of the ship is extraordinary, but keeping in mind the factor of pollution, this ship save about 20% carbon dioxide emissions as compared to if the ship is solely runs on marine gasoil.  Norway's fleet of hybrid ferries inspired the company that operates scenic cruise along the country’s fjords and into the arctic.  It's designed to take excessive energy from the engines and put into the battery when the ship doesn't need it, and put it back into the engine when the ship needs it -- it is a way of reducing emissions significantly without having charging stations available, Skjeldam said ‘We expect batteries to be an important part of shipping in the years to come, but of course we don't expect our ships to be able to operate only on batteries, because the ship can sail up to 18-20 days in areas where there are no charging points. We expect a revolution in battery technology for ships, we expect batteries to be lighter, more effective, and we've set aside extra room for more batteries to be installed when battery packs become more effective’.  He added that the second hybrid cruise ship the company has on order, to be delivered later this year, will have a battery pack with twice the capacity of Roald Amundsen.

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