Save Electricity and Stay Cool

Global Warming has left us facing with several tantrums over few years now, while our progressive world has been baffled to balance the outcome, we all have come to face. Climate Change has been one of the dangers looming over our heads when we are still on the lookout for countering it in a more sensible way. Several parts of the world have been on the receiving end of the rising mercury while other natural problems have gripped the entire world.

Climate Changes, leading to the growing temperature in many places have unnerved the population to take measures such as Air Conditioners and Coolers and likewise gadgets. But these gadgets also need power to run and which amounts to a lump sum bill attached to it in every short interval. To make the whole thing budget friendly as well as satisfactory, Ravi Patel, founder of Tupik, made a notable invention to keep the electricity and the pockets in check. A small Air Conditioner, which only cools specifically the bed area to curb the electricity used by normal Air Conditioner of 1.5 tons by 60-65%. The Air Conditioner is said to be less than 8 inches tall, 11 inches long and 18 inches deep and consumes 400-watt of electricity which is equal to 3 bulbs. Added with that it can be considered pocket friendly as well weighting just 13kgs. The entire unit is like a tent like structure surrounding only the bed, while the AC only cools the specific area. It also cuts off the installation charges one has to pay to the electrician, as it can easily be installed by a single person without any said difficulty.

After researching from 2016 and its commercial launch in 2017, it has been quite popular, and people have been appreciating it. With an amount of 19000 for double bed and 17900 for single bed this invention has been huge progress to save both the electricity and the budget.

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