Scientists join hands to address climate change

The drastic deterioration in the quality of our natural environment has alarmed scientists across the globe. With the growing amount of deforestation all throughout the world, it is not surprising that scientists from all over the world have joined hands and prepared a draft to declare climate emergency.

Climate is changing, and it’s changing for the worse”, says William Ripple, Professor of Ecology at Oregon State University. “In the 40 years that the world has carried formal negotiations, little is discussed in this crisis. And if this crisis is not addressed now, the condition would go for worse. This is high time”, he added.

In the letter submitted by the group, researchers talk about both the positive as well as negative indicators of climate change. Activities like meat eating and deforestations take us backwards, while low birth rate and formation of energy resources take us to a safer place. Overall, the scientists state that it’s not all negative and there are chances that we can save the environment for the future.

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