Shedding Comparisons Out of Education System

Education has been a part of very grave discussion where it was considered as a basic right for a person as they are born and they grow to contribute to the society. It is important, that a child should get a proper education under a system, where the child could learn and enhance one’s knowledge for a better future. But the plan to educate more children introduced an uncanny competition when the schools depended on grade system to determine a child’s worth in the outside world.

This vile idea of competition has often been criticised by many, cause these academic barriers created a lot of pressure among children studying in schools all over the world. The enjoyable part about learning was somehow shaded by the grades, that told a child if he was good enough in a certain subject or not based on the scores he could obtain in an examination. This procedure has left many complications among students who were trying to meet up the expectations set up for them and if failed the consequences included, fear of joblessness, a year or more time repeating the same term, as these pressures also showed a rise in student mental health issues in past few years.

To deal with the situation at hand, many nations adopted several steps to reduce the competition infecting their education systems. The recent being Singapore’s plan to eliminate examination rankings for each student and to eliminate the comparison between the children as they are all unique in their own way. Ong Ye Kung, the Education Minister of Singapore, stated that “learning is not a competition”. The marks and grading systems are set to be replaced by discussion and interactions, quizzes and homework, report cards will not highlight passing or failing scores and primary years 1&2 students will have no examination from 2019. This commendable step focuses on a future where children can learn freely, without the fear of being compared to somebody else, and to master learning but self-discipline is what they need to master for excelling in life.

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