Stephen Lang is a part of `The Gandhi Murder'

The upcoming movie, The Gandhi Murder will see Stephen Lang in the role of a maverick DIG-CID. This is going to be the first time that a Hollywood ‘A-lister’ is playing the role of an Indian character. Dissimilar to his ‘trigger-happy’ character in Avatar, ‘Slang’ will play a different character this time – the mastermind behind the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. The actor will be seen portraying the role of an intelligence officer who despite having saved Gandhi’s life previously, now thinks differently. According to the movie’s trailer which was released recently, it aims to smash the myths around the Mahatma’s assassination on January 30, 1948. It claims that with the arrest of Godse’s associate Madan Lal on January 20, the police was already aware of the plot to assassinate Mahatma Gandhi. This is what led Atmacharan Agarwal, the special judge in the case, to famously remark “Had the police acted on the intelligence available, the tragedy would probably have never happened.’’ The film also explores the friendship between the then DCP-Bombay, Jimmy Nagarwala and DIG (CID) Poona, UH Rana and how their camaraderie and actions before and after the assassination might have been instrumental in one of the biggest cover-ups in modern Indian history. The star cast of the movie also includes British actors like Luke Pasqualino, Vinnie Jones, the late Om Puri and senior south Indian actor Nasser will be seen playing other pivotal roles in this action thriller on Indian police and politics in 1947-48. The Gandhi Murder, a Nugen media production, will be released worldwide on January 30, 2019.

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