Sundar Pichai becomes CEO of Alphabet

Tamil Nadu born Sundar Pichai has made Indians all across the world proud yet again. Four years ago he was appointed the CEO of Google in 2015 when Indians celebrated and expressed their love for him since he made us Indians proud. This time again, he has made us proud after becoming the CEO of Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google. Pichai will be succeeding Larry Page and Sergey Brin after they gave up their executive positions at Alphabet Inc. Page and Brin released a letter which stated why they stepped down from their executive roles. The letter read, "Today, in 2019, if the company (Google) was a person, it would be a young adult of 21 and it would be time to leave the roost. While it has been a tremendous privilege to be deeply involved in the day-to-day management of the company for so long, we believe it's time to assume the role of proud parents-offering advice and love, but not daily nagging! With Alphabet now well-established, and Google and the Other Bets operating effectively as independent companies, it's the natural time to simplify our management structure. We've never been ones to hold on to management roles when we think there's a better way to run the company. And Alphabet and Google no longer need two CEOs and a President. Going forward, Sundar will be the CEO of both Google and Alphabet". 47-years-old Sundar Pichai will now be the CEO of both Google and its parent company Alphabet. Pichai took to twitter and thanked Page and Brin, he twitted, "I’m excited about Alphabet’s long term focus on tackling big challenges through technology. Thanks to Larry & Sergey, we have a timeless mission, enduring values and a culture of collaboration & exploration - a strong foundation we’ll continue to build on".

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