Tejas: India’s first private train

India’s first privately operated train is going to start its service on an experimental basis. Lucknow-Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Express will be equipped with aircraft-like luxury chair car service. The train will be transferred to IRCTC, which in turn will draw up a plan to rope in private operators for onboard services. 

The move is a pilot project of Indian Railways to test private sector participation in the running of trains. A 100-day roadmap for the national transporter, and the proposal to get private passengers train operators to provide world-class passengers services. IRCTC is willing to provide two trains for operation on haulage concept which will have onboard and ticketing services to be provided by the catering and e-ticketing arm. IRCTC will pay annual lease charges to Indian Railway Finance Corporation for the train rakes. The services would be handed over to private players after an open bidding process.


Features and facilities:

1.Personalized LCD entertainment-cum-information screens

2.Windows with automatic Venetian blinds, attendant calling buttons

3.Anti-graffiti vinyl wrapping, swanky mini pantry

4.Fire and smoke detection and suppression system

5.Automatic interconnecting doors between the coaches, automatic entry exit doors

6.Comfortable seats, mobile charging points, personalized reading lights

7.Modular bio-toilets with sensor-based tap fittings

8.Orange and yellow color-scheme seats

Down 12585 Lucknow JnNew Delhi Tejas Express will depart from Lucknow Junction at 6.50 AM to reach New Delhi at 1.35 pm. Up 12586 New Delhi- Lucknow Jn Tejas Express will leave from New Delhi at 3:35 pm to arrive in Lucknow Jn at 10:05 pm. As of now, the train will run on all days of the week excluding Sunday and Thursday.

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