The Hottest Day at France

In past few years, the mercury in several parts of the world have been a rising in a rapid rate that it raised concern. With global warming and climate change being one of the backdrops of human’s easing lifestyle the environment has been on the receiving end of the abuses for several decades. Over past few years, several countries have recorded highest temperature of all time, while the mercury seems to surpass the highest mark in few years on the very next again. 

France recorded its highest temperature of all time on Friday, with 45.1 degree Celsius and heat waves raving across its streets. On 28th June, the highest temperature record was first breached in the town Carpentras with mercury rising up to 44.3 degrees Celsius, but later in the southern village of Villevieille the record again surpassed crossing the then highest mark and presenting another new record over 45 degrees. Prior to this incident the highest temperature standings in France was recorded in the 2003 with 44.1 degrees. The 2003 highest record resulted with severe heat-waves across the streets of France and killed thousands eventually. The rising temperature and blistering heat wave have been a concerning point as France's national weather service have declared high level heat alert, in a long time, expecting the temperature to top even the recent highest markings. Several schools have been ordered to stay closed as they cannot guarantee safe conditions for students. Four of the regions near Marseille and Montpellier have been put under special watch for a few days at least. 

The Berlin Police was also seen firing out water cannons at trees, which are usually used against rioters. 16 cities in Italy have been also put on alert where civil security services are to distribute water to tourists visiting to historic places like Rome. The weather department have also stated that the heat waves will continue through the weekend providing little to no relief.

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