The mystifying footprints of fictitious Yeti witnessed

We all have heard about Yeti in our childhood days via fables and with story time with our Grandmother, but what if we tell you that this mystical beast does exist in real life! Yes you heard it right! The Indian Army affirmed that one of its team members spotted the footprint of a beast, considered to be Yeti, nearby Nepali Makalu Base Camp.

The print was spotted when the mountaineers were on an expedition. The footprint measured to be 32*15 inches and believed to be Yeti’s footmarks According to the sources, the claims are still on a verification process by the scientists. The region where this incident took place falls under the border between Nepal and China.

The Makalu mountain is the considered to be one of the highest mountains in the world and also serves as a surveying place for the researchers to hunt for the mysterious beast, Yeti.

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