‘The Prince of India’ Retaining His Game for 22nd Time

While India was still submerged in the pride that their athletes, especially women athletes brought home from all over the world only a while ago; ‘The Price of India’, Pankaj Advani was aiming towards another World title with calm and ease. The inevitable Advani showing mastered class yet again, overshadowed Nay Thway Oo, to win the IBSF World Billiards Championships

Pankaj Advani since his debut in Asian Billiards Championships in 2002, have been a dominant competitor on the board, advancing himself in every game with a hunger to only reach further. In the international circuit, his agile technique is quite destructive, as when he starts dominating the board, he is sure to take it all. Similarly, first dominating and then decimating he went on to win 22nd World Title

His consistency in the sport is unfathomable, and the 4th consecutive title seemed only evitable for him as he left no chance for Nay Thway Oo to proceed further for the title. His fluent breaks comprised of 145, 89 and 127, event after acquiring a lead, while Nay Thway Oo was still about to open his scoring. Without giving the opponent another chance, Advani swept the title off of his hands without much exercising for it. 

Pankaj’s relentless approach towards the game is only understandable as in his own words, Every time I participate in a world championship, one thing is clear - my motivation to excel has not diminished. This win is a testament to the fact that my hunger and fire are both well and truly alive.PM Narendra Modi congratulated him through his Twitter account and wished him best for his future.

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