The Way to Eliminate Plastic for Good

Plastic, the material which can be used and reused several times without any loss in quality, has become a threat to the ecosystem, as most plastic goods are not recycled and are not disposed of in a proper way.

However, a major breakthrough has arrived as scientists have  figured out a way to fully break down the components building plastic with an acid bath. According to the scientists at California’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Polymer in plastics consists of a molecule named monomer which can be separated by immersing it in a highly acidic solution, and the monomers can later be reassembled in different shapes, colors and texture to be reused in some other products. Currently, less than a third of recyclable plastic is re-purposed to create new materials, leaving the majority of it to end up in landfill or the ocean. This Acid can break the bond monomers and other molecules in plastic, which is the reason for plastic’s look and feel. The research team also believes that these recyclable plastics can replace the non-recyclable plastics in the long run. This discovery can help in the environmental crisis created by the vast use of plastics across the world, come to an end.

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