Titanic’s last survivor passes away

The last survivor of the grand ship Titanic, Millvina Dean passed away in a nursing home at England at the age of 97. The Titanic international society confirmed the youngest survivor’s death in the early hours of Sunday.

The Dean family sold their pub in London to travel on the maiden voyage of the passenger liner and aimed to start a better life in Wichita, Kansas where her father had hoped to open a tobacco shop. Millvina was a mere nine weeks old when she boarded the ship of dreams, which was supposedly unsinkable. Her father was one of the unfortunate 1517 people who died when the ship sank after hitting a giant iceberg. Her mother Georgetta and two-year-old brother Bertram survived the disaster. Georgetta recalled wrapping her baby daughter in a sack to protect her from the ice-chilling water and being lowered into one of the first lifeboats along with other women and children. The 8-year old Millvina was told about the entire story when her mother decided to remarry.

Owing to the fact that she was the youngest survivor to be rescued, Ms Dean didn’t get the spotlight until she was in her 70s. She became a Titanic celebrity, appearing at various exhibitions and documentary screenings about the ill-fated ship. She was being diagnosed with Pneumonia before she passed away.

Hearing that she had resorted to selling her autographs to pay for her nursing home bills, the stars of the Hollywood blockbuster movie- Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and the director James Cameron donated €21,000 to Ms.Dean for supporting her medical bills, the last month. The remaining money has been funded to an orphanage in Millvina’s locality.

The 1997 drama Titanic is the third-highest grossing movie of all times, earning more than €1.2 billion in the worldwide box office. It was recently dethroned by Avengers: Endgame, which is now on the race with Cameron’s first 3-D movie Avatar.

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