UK sees an increase in Coronavirus cases

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak which was earlier declared as an international public health emergency concern by the World Health Organization (WHO) has currently spread outside China and gripped the entire world. Currently the number of infected people is more than a lakh around the world and 5000 people have already lost their lives due to this deadly coronavirus. The intensity of the situation has worsened so far that WHO has recently declared it as a pandemic. Currently the United Kingdom has seen a jump of 35 per cent increase in cases of Covid-19, with the death toll rising to 11. The deadly virus has now infected the youngest victim, a new born in London. The mother of the new-born visited the North Middlesex University Hospital a few days before giving birth expecting that she has contracted pneumonia. Later it was found out that she was infected by Coronavirus while giving birth to her baby. The baby was tested too and it came out to be positive as well. However, it is not clear if the baby contracted the virus while in the womb or after birth. The new-born has been kept at the hospital whereas the mother is shifted to a special hospital. A hospital source informed, “Staff in contact with both patients has been advised to self-isolate. Health officials are urgently trying to find out the circumstances behind their infections”. The numbers of Coronavirus cases are rising in the UK where 136 people are currently being treated for this deadly virus.  Football matches in England are put on hold and mass gatherings have been cancelled. Cities and towns across Britain remained deserted for the last few days and people are avoiding public meetings over concerns about the virus.

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