Video ranking system Updated by Facebook

Facebook has recently updated its video ranking system to help original content creators get their deserved recognition and reach to interested audiences. Facebook has been a social media platform for showcasing different talents, including original video content creators for few years now. The social networking service has announced a series of updates to their existing ranking systems to push good content. According to reports, the new updates are said to come out in the upcoming months, so content creator, publishers and audiences all get what they are looking for.

Previously Facebook considered the video ranking by seizing the attention of the viewers for at least duration one-minute. However, they are about to change the policy, by adding 2 more minutes, total of three-minutes time to retain the viewers. According to reports, the updates are based on 3 major factors to create an impact on ranking videos are; 1) loyalty and intent, 2) video and viewing duration and 3) originality. The increase in time duration is mostly based upon the purpose to reward videos that are capable of creating engaging content, the priority being on the factor of ‘Originality’ in the ranking system. This has also led Facebook, to look up for the unoriginal or repurposed content from other sources and restrict them, so original video content creator could get a platform to showcase and receive a feedback for their work.

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