When Life gives You Sco Pa Tu Manaa

Every day a new trend or a new lingo surfaces on the internet and some even develop into internet challenges like the ‘Kiki Challenge’! Similarly, a new phrase has taken the internet by storm, ‘Sco pa tu manaa’. More than the phrase the internet is confused over what does the phrase actually means. After a lot of investigation, the origin of the phrase came into the limelight. Sco pa tu manaa was used by Ghanaian musician Patapaa in the music video for his song ‘Daavi Neba’. The rapper is known for using gibberish words in his compositions and this phrase is no different. Although this much information didn’t satiate the curiosity of the netizens. When dug deeper it was revealed that this phrase has no known meaning in any language. Because of the variations in its spelling the phrase has different meanings in different languages like according to Urban Dictionary, Sco pa tu manaa is a Zambian word meaning one should express his or her own opinion on a particular topic or object”. Know Your Meme states that it’s a slang term that means “I’ll hit you”. In Hawaiian it means “what experience does this remind you of”, and Google translates it to “how much do you have”. On twitter, the phrase is used to share opinions on a particular topic.


How does it work?

A photo with a topic of discussion and the phrase Sco pa tu manaa in the caption is shared. According to the current social media trend, one has to express his/her opinion about the shared topic. It also means ‘what does this remind you of’. The social media platform is flooded with Sco pa tu manaa memes. Many are even tired and sick of the phrase Sco pa tu manaa taking over their timelines. 



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