World Bank enters the ringin the fight against CORONAVIRUS

The threat of coronavirus outbreak is increasing every day, till March 3rd there have been reports of around 89,000 people getting affected by it globally. It is causing a case severe panic among the people across the globe. In the midst of this outbreak, the World Bank unveiled a $12billion aid package. This package is to provide for the fast-track funds to help countries combat the coronavirus outbreak. The under-developed or poor countries are not properly equipped to deal with this crisis, hence it is necessary to help in easing out their burden, as said by the World Bank President David Malpass. The World Bank announced this package on Tuesday, stating the purpose behind this fund Malpass said,

“The goal is to provide fast, effective action that responds to country needs.”He further added, “the point is to move fast. Speed is needed to save lives. We want to make the best use of the World Bank’s extensive resources and global expertise and the historical knowledge of the crisis.” World Bank is in contact with several member nations and according to reports $8billion will go to countries that request help. There is no news of which the first country is to receive this aid. 


The Covid-19 virus is a member of the coronavirus family that has come from animals. It has never been encountered before. It can cause pneumonia, and patients affected by it reported to suffer from cough, fever, breathing difficulties and organ failure in severe cases. 

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